October 2018, Barbados

What Is CNO?

The Caribbean Nurses Organization (CNO) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan, regional, professional (umbrella) nursing organization of:

- Individual Nurses,
- National Nurses Associations in the Caribbean and,
- Nurses who also reside in countries outside of the Caribbean.

CNO was established in 1957 and is the oldest Regional Nurses Professional Organization.

The purpose of CNO is to work towards improving the health of all people of the Caribbean, by promoting improvement in the standards of nursing care, and by advancing the educational, economic and professional welfare of all Nurses.

CNO seeks to influence health and nursing policy regionally, and to empower the National Nurses Associations in the Caribbean to work on behalf of nurses, nursing and the peoples of the Caribbean.

Every Biennial Conference one of our National Committees works diligently to bring together stakeholders from around the world to engage, share and collaborate with each other towards addressing current issues in nursing.

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